Botox / Dysport
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Botox is perhaps the greatest discovery of aesthetic plastic surgery in the last century. It is the no. 1 aesthetic intervention on the planet. Having been used for over 30 years, it has managed to almost eliminate an entire operation, the forehead facelift.
It is a natural protein, which, with a few pinches, achieves relaxation of specific muscles of the face, offering an impressive renewal. The key is the expertise and experience of the doctor. What is required is a natural result without the application being perceived by others.


  • Mid-brow
  • Forehead
  • Crows feet
  • "Bunny lines" on the nose
  • Wrinkled chin
  • Wrinkles-brackets on the smile
  • Sadness / marionette lines
  • Smokers lines
  • Neck lift-Nefertiti Lift

Does it hurt?
Thanks to the very thin needles used by Dr. Otto, the application is completely tolerable. However, for anyone who wishes, we use a specially enhanced numbing cream.

At what ages is it done?
There is no question of age. It is done at all ages, as long as there are indications.

What dose do I need?
Dr Otto will personalize each application. Each patient has a personalized dosage, depending on the goals set with the doctor.

When do we see results?
Results start within 1-3 days. In 15 days time, the result will be around 80% and in 30 days it reaches 100%.

How long do they last?
Duration can vary from person to person. The average duration of the result is 3-5 months. It is best to repeat it before it wears off completely, so that the changes don't become noticeable.

Does it have side effects?
Rarely, small bruises, small asymmetries or a slight drooping of the eyebrows may occur. It is therefore good to have a re-check in 15 days.
Be that as it may, any side effect, if any, is completely reversible.

What is Dysport?
It is a product like Botox but from another company.
Of equal high quality and effectiveness, perhaps a little more drastic.

What else you need to know

  • The dissolution of Botox / Dysport is done by the doctors and their staff, based on the instructions of the company. It is good to know what the solution is, in your application.
  • All doctors buy Botox / Dysport from pharmacies at the same price, without exception. This means that if you hear about Botox / Dysport application at a low price, it is certain that both the quality of the material and your safety are at stake.
  • It is the most popular application in the world and doctors of all specialties are rushing to offer it. Unfortunately, not everyone offers the same care, safety and quality of result.

Dr. Otto, as an experienced Plastic Surgeon, with extensive knowledge of facial anatomy and high aesthetic perception, will offer you the ideal result with absolute safety.

HYPERHIDROSIS (excessive sweating) TREATMENT

The neurotoxin has been approved by the FDA for therapeutic use in adult patients with axillary hyperhidrosis. It can further be used, for the same pathological condition, on the palms and soles.

It offers amazing results, its action starts between the 1st & 3rd day after the application and its benefits are noticeable within the 1st two weeks:

  • Excessive sweat production is a thing of the past
  • Its action lasts about 6 months
  • The application lasts 15-20 minutes
  • Return to daily activities is immediate
Botox - Hyperhidrosis Botox - Hyperhidrosis Botox - Hyperhidrosis


Tension headache is the most common disease of the nervous system and is the most common symptom for which medical advice is sought. It affects people of all ages, regardless of gender.

Headache, with a frequency of 15 or more days per month, occurs in 1.7% -4% of the world's adult population.
The discovery of the link between Botox / Dysport and headache was completely coincidental, around the early 1990s, when it was found that people with migraines showed significant improvement when treated with Botox for another reason. This finding led to further investigation and only in 2010 was the official announcement of the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) regarding the use of botox as a treatment for chronic migraine.
The treatment of chronic headache - migraine (at least 15 episodes per month) can be done with the application of Botox / Dysport.
The results are excellent and provide a solution to an extremely riveting problem.
One of the most important advantages of Botox / Dysport is that it is very safe. The application is repeated every 3-4 months and most importantly, the patient is free of other medication.

Tension headache

  • Botox / Dysport
Botox / Dysport
  • Botox / Dysport
Botox / Dysport
  • Botox / Dysport
Botox / Dysport