Emsculpt Neo
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EMSCULPT NEO, produced by BTL Aesthetics, is a prototype machine, which emits high-intensity focused electromagnetic pulse (HIFEM) to the muscles, combined with radio frequencies (RF) to the fat and skin.

It is the only non-invasive combined technology of its kind in the world, resulting in a spectacular increase in muscle mass and strength, as well as loss of fat without effort or pain.

Areas of application

  • buttocks
  • abdominal muscles
  • sides of the abdomen (love handles)
  • anterior surface of the thighs (quadriceps muscle) and the area above the knee
  • posterior surface of thighs (biceps)
  • inner thigh (adductor muscle)
  • calves (gastrocnemius)
  • arms (biceps, triceps)

Who should do it?

  • those who are already working out and want to either speed up their results or achieve a goal that they have been unable to achieve
  • those who want a more toned body, lifted and rounded buttocks, tight stomach with visible muscles, tighter skin above the knee or tighter arms, regardless whether they exercise or not
  • those who, although overweight (BMI up to 35) want to change their posture and appearance
  • those who want to tighten their body quickly, after a large or small weight loss
  • all those who simply don't want or don't like to exercise but would like to have the results of exercise
  • those who either want a motivation to intensify their training, or need a motivation to begin it
  • professional or amateur athletes who wish to increase their performance
  • those who want to recover faster after an injury or surgery
  • those who, due to health problems, are not allowed to exercise
  • mothers who, after giving birth, wish to tighten and shrink their abdomen without a scalpel

Key Notes

  • Dr. Otto has the only EMSCULPT NEO in Greece.
  • Unique technology, approved by the FDA, documented by multiple clinical studies, which have proven the increase of muscle tissue by 25%, and the reduction of fat tissue by 30%.
  • Non-invasive procedure in which the patient simply lies down and the doctor places the applicators on the target muscle group. Each session lasts 30 minutes, during which 20000 muscle contractions are performed!
  • Only four sessions are enough to bring about a highly impressive change in your body, which can become permanent with gentle routine training.
  • There is no pain or recovery time and the return to everyday activities is immediate.
  • EMSCULPT NEO is 9% more effective in muscle, and 11% more effective in lipolysis than the previous generation EMSCULPT, which only targeted muscle and did not have RF.
  • It has already been applied in over a million people worldwide.

EMSCULPT NEO is for everyone!

It has become a trend among celebrities and Hollywood actors, Victoria's Secret models and professional athletes such as NBA and NFL players.

It is safe, surprisingly effective and based on proven scientific research. It is a new benchmark in non-invasive body sculpting, muscle strengthening, lipolysis and skin tightening.

No pain no gain? Not any more…