inner thigh
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Relaxation of the inner thighs is a problem that concerns a large portion of people. In addition to loosening of the skin and subcutaneous tissue the problem may also include stretch marks, cellulite, extensive excess skin.

Due to:

  • genetic or hereditary factors that determine body type
  • great weight loss after pregnancy
  • increased flaccidity in this area (mainly at older ages)
  • rarely may be due to abnormal increase in skin elasticity (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome)

The correction is performed surgically, either under local anesthesia and sedation, or under general anesthesia depending on the size of the problem.
In mild cases only Laser-Body Sculpting is performed.
In greater skin laxity, the operation involves the removal of excess skin and loose tissue in the area and suturing in 3 layers.
The incision is hidden in the inguinal and femoral aspect, inside the bikini line and is not visible.
In some cases it can be combined with Laser-Body Sculpting to achieve uniformity of the surrounding area of ​​the thighs and buttocks.
When the problem is extensive (pregnancy, great weight loss) then the laxity of the lower abdominal walls can also contribute to this, in which an abdominoplasty is also required.

Depending on the size of the operation, patients will leave the clinic in the evening or next morning.
They will wear an elastic corset for at least a month and will return to their daily activities within 1-2 weeks.
The result is obvious from the first month, but it will take another 2-3 months to finalize.

In addition to known surgical contraindications that have to do with the general health of the patient (cardiorespiratory, diabetes, etc.), other contraindications are also smoking, generalized obesity, as well as peripheral vascular diseases and lymphangiopathies.